Following the simple rule of three – comforttimelessnesseasy design – we have created the capsule collection as a solution to those who are looking for a twist in their basic wear.

The main inspiration for the collection is the yuppie generation and the simplicity of Nordic aesthetics.

This collaboration was born from our common desire of sharing an experience. Just as wine, clothes must be felt before you agree on its quality.

ESSENTIALS was thought of as an experience, a perspective changer that will make you feel effortlessly powerful, cool with a sort of edginess that lives in the details.

From the fit to the perfectly sawn details one will never be able to tell that you are wearing your essentials.

The shape of the pieces is minimal, simple, and clean, just as the monochromatic palette we choose to use. The focus was to design garments that will make a staple of you everyday wear.

Our secret weapon is using cotton as the base of the garment, combined with climapass mesh inserts that meets our highest aim of marrying the functional part with the visual one – positioned in the areas that your skin needs to breathe most, these panels will help to an easy and natural ventilation of your body.

Athletic, loose and relaxed are the shapes we are using to offer a contemporary take on this collection.