andrea szántó the brand

andrea szántó is a ready-to-wear woman and menswear brand that reimagines sportswear mixed with the ’70s flair. Designed to be cherished, each piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements: masculine and feminine, strength and softness, structure and fluidity, past and future, while embodying our core belief- ease of movement.

Founded in 2017 by creative director Andrea Szántó, the brand with the same name is established in Oradea- a progressive art nouveau city. Evolving with each season, Andrea focuses her attention on sustainability, ethically made, and locally crafted clothes with minimalist design and subtle yet striking details.


I have created the andrea szántó brand to express my vision and share it with everyone who regains themselves in my way of creation, and feel chemistry when trying on our items.

As music or books do, clothes can take you to places you want to be in. You can dress according to where you would like to be, to live, or how you want to feel in that right moment, that day, that month.

To offer a contemporary take on our design, we follow a simple rule of three:
comfort, timelessness, easy design.

I am an advocate of the Scandinavian lifestyle, I celebrate the heritage of French fashion, New Yorkers’ way of living and the mid century culture of design, with every item I draw. They serve as inspiration and are the cornerstone of our brand aesthetics, adapted to our clients’ needs and lifestyle.

Working as a cycling garment developer I learned a lot about how an athlete’s mind works, about the discipline they have, the rituals they follow and how particularly important garments are for them. Relying on this experience, as a fashion designer, I can offer people the entire experience of dressing up for something they are going for, no matter how high their aims are. An athlete’s garment will always work as an extension of their body so it will allow them to compete to their highest performance… and this is the aim of our brand – to give people power and an armour that shows courage and strength, but also protect what you love most – your body.
That is why it felt natural to label andrea szántó as high fashion sportswear brand.

From scratch to the finished product we keep it all in-house, manually produced by a small group of people who put all their love in creating every garment – so we contribute and show our concern about sustainability in fashion. For us interchangeable, multipurpose items mean sustainability, reducing over-consumerism and focusing on what our needs are, knowing our style and way of living.

andrea szántó is an experience, a way of living and thinking