Rather a revelation than a statement, this collection is an inner trip through all the things we missed this year.

The nature.

The glory days.

The Touch of others.

The feel of power when rocking the streets…

It`s a playful journey towards a new self, from the exuberant days of childhood, through the youthful glory of 70s and the dramatic 90s flair, toned down with natural accents

The elongated silhouette, on wich Andrea focused her attention this season, is accentuated by the juxtaposition between the clumsy grace of the oversized cut and the dramatic emphasis of the shoulders. The lines are longer, more languid, even slouchy. Light shirts with structural cuts, 1970s fared trousers, mid-length jersey dresses- caress the body rather than constrict it. The tension is present in the spectacular neoprene hood with yellow lime strap detail and the tactical vest interpreted in glossy black, which adds starkness and accent to the matte cotton-based fabrics.

The theatrical volumes are calmed by discrete ironies like the mother of pearl buttons.
The tender innocence of the rounded collar that can be worn as a breastplate plays an important role
on emphasizing the definition of andrea szántó woman, who`s in control of her emotions by owning
her past. Everything in her life led to here and now. To a time where she is self-aware, self-absorbed, and