x Hypewit: BRUNCH

The 70s and 80s were our main inspiration and this particular collection accentuates the mid-century fashion aesthetics, but with a contemporary twist. Easy going, with sea scents, fluid lines that caress the body and flatter any silhouette.

“When you think about this collection picture yourself in a sunny Copenhagen, during autumn in New York or February in Cannes.”

The main shape of the pieces is simple, clean, minimal. The focus is in the each handmade detail: the cuts, the lines, the zippers, the sewing, the buttons… everything was so thought that it combines the functional part with the visual one.

The colors are neutral, easy to wear, to combine, to adapt to anyone’s needs and desires: camels, nudes, black, blue, white. The volumes and the multiple ways in which these pieces can be worn are the particularities of this collection and make it timeless and super versatile.

This capsule collection is the basic wardrobe any modern busy cool woman should have. BRUNCH was thought as a complete experience, a state of mind, a feeling, a motivation that makes you a superhero. Cool and sort of edgy clothes, but super wearable and easy to adapt to any lifestyle.

“I try to show that a high fashion collection can be made with minimum loss, maximum attention for details and sustainable.”

The fabrics we used are both natural and synthetics to be sure the clothes will resist in time. Focused on sustainability, we took the fabrics from local producers, in small batches, that’s why the collection has a limited number of pieces.

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